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A landmark in modern wooden architecture

Pelgulinna State Gymnasium in Estonia is the country's largest building with wooden construction and cross-glued wood. A unique landmark and presentation of modern wooden architecture. The project highlights architectural aesthetics, sustainability and safety.


Pelgulinna School is a prestigious educational institution that now has an inspiring modern and outstanding learning environment.

The school has a significant part of its construction built from glulam and cross-glued wood. CLT makes up 85% of the property. This advanced wooden building stands out not only for its aesthetic appeal and architectural beauty, but also has a well-proven, certified, fireproof impregnated wooden facade system. From structural wooden elements to wooden panels and acoustic panels, everything has been built with wood.


Wooden building of the year in Estonia
Recently, the Building of the year was decided in Estonia, which is organized by the Estonian Forest Wood and Forest Association.


The Estonian Wood and Forest Association presents this award for the 21st year in a row and highlights the innovative and sustainable use of wood in modern architecture.


The wooden building is a good example of how you can not only create impressive real estate projects with wood, which are also sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe constructions. As a student and teacher, having wood as a surrounding in a learning environment feels very inspiring and a wonderful environment to experience and work in.


The architect Ott Alver from the architectural firm Arhitekt Must has steered the project to completion and shows a great commitment to outstanding sustainable architecture where wood is the focus.


ARCWOOD has stood for CLT and Glulam.


The wooden products have been delivered by Thermory.


Woodsafe Timber Protection AB has fire-impregnated posts and wooden panels WOODSAFE® Exterior WFX™ fire impregnation without surface treatment which is type-approved for utility class fire-protected wood EN16755 for outdoor use over time.


Thermory and Woodsafe Timber Protection AB have an international collaboration in several European countries regarding Thermory's heat-treated wood and fire protection impregnation from Woodsafe Timber Protection.


Location: Tallinn Estonia

Pelgulinna State Gymnasium

Customer: Riigi Kinnisvara AS

Main contractor: Merko Ehitus Eesti

Architect: Ott Alver at Arhitekt Must

CLT has been supplied by ARCWOOD

Wood Material: Thermorys Heat-treated Pine

Fire protection impregnation: WOODSAFE® Exterior WFX™